Trip to Lucca, Italy

We have a daughter, Beth who recently purchased a B&B in Lucca, Italy which is located about 30 mins drive above Pisa in the Northern Tuscan Province.  It's a beautiful town completely surrounded by a wide and tall wall originally built back in Roman times.  (don't quote me on history here).  It is a tourists heaven.  Beautiful cobblestone streets, wonderful shopping and restaurants. 

I brought over some equipment and spent some time photographing for her new website.   The B&B was previously run by "a little ol lady", so it is badly in need of updating, but for now she is just trying to simplify things and work on rooms one at a time.  It has great bones, and the architecture is beautiful with high ceilings, huge windows, and interesting views of the cobblestone streets below.  

I also brought along a few prints that we framed there to begin sprucing things up a bit. We were there about a week and as always, leaving Italy is always hard to do.  It's a wonderful country.